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It's time for "GREEN PEOPLE"

Are you recycling glass and plastic -- but, losing the knowledge housed in the
minds of the baby boomers in your firm or organization? Every seven seconds a
baby boomer turns 62. The loss of experiential knowledge is impacting business.

Have you lowered thermostats to save energy yet, raised stress to levels that
threaten mental and physical health? Workplace stress is responsible for
60 percent of lost workdays; and costs U.S. employers an estimated $200
billion per year in absenteeism, lower productivity, staff turnover, worker's
compensation, medical insurance and other stress-related expenses.

Is poor communication causing you to waste human resources?
SIS International Research discovered that 70% of small to mid-size
businesses claim that ineffective communication is their primary problem.
A business with 100 employees spends an average downtime of 17 hours
a week clarifying communication. Imagine the cost in larger firms.

Learn more about "Green People."

Meet Edith Washington

Edith has held key positions in a variety of corporate environments for more than thirty years. As a product of mentoring, she has been a mentor and a mentoring thought leader for more than two decades. A consultant, trainer and highly sought industry speaker, she understands the challenges faced by business today.

In 1997, in recognition for her contributions to continuing education in the design and construction industry, she was elevated to Fellow of the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI). In 2003, Edith became national President of the Institute. She was the first African-American president in the 60-year history of the Institute.

Edith is President of the Stubblefield Group, a consulting firm, serving the building design and construction industry for more than 15 years.
She has earned more than 20 awards and certificates of recognition in her field and worked with project teams on projects ranging from three to
350 million dollars.

Edith’s presentations focus on human relations, mentoring and overcoming adversity. She encourages her audiences to fully value human potential, creativity and resiliency.

Sometimes, we do more than we think we can -- because someone else thinks we can.

The University of Hard Knocks has only one professor -- Experience.

Worry is like a rocking chair. It keeps you moving -- but, you're not going anywhere.

None of us is as smart as all of us -- as long as we are not afraid to disagree.

Negativity is contagious and there is no vaccine -- run from it!

Pecking orders are for chickens.

Real leaders rarely need titles.

You will accomplish more, if you check your ego at the door.

Praise is an investment that earns infinite interest.

An older person may have already forgotten more than you know.
A younger person may learn much more than you know.
Meet them in the middle.

It's all right to be "Devil's Advocate" sometimes -- just don't make it a career.

When you empower others, you empower you.

Prejudging limits the judge and the judged.

Call today to book Edith and discover how Green People:

  • Bridge differences and focus on commonalities
  • Collaborate, even in the midst of crisis and controversy
  • Build trust, respect, and loyalty
  • Value and blend generations in the workplace reduce the “fear” factor
  • Communicate in ways that Improve quality and shorten production time
  • Sharpen messages and target markets
  • Lead with, or without, labels and titles

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